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Title:   Ozone (Song)
Description:   Description: Happy, Energetic, Female Voice and Choir
Time:   4:06
Tempo:   Upbeat
Keywords   Happy, Energetic, Feelgood, Gospel, Upbeat style cues for Films and TV shows
Lyrics:   Yes
Composer:   Gethyn Jones (PRS)
Piano keyboard


  • Song about clean air
  • Song about fresh air
  • Song about air pollution
  • Clean water
  • Sea pollution
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  • Song about beach
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  • Song about the Solent
  • Song about the Isle of Wight
  • Song about Gosport
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Ozone Song
Mike Hugg, Gethyn Jones and Nick Bowen at Quay West Studios
Amba Tremain is the vocalist on Ozone by Redlipz
Tom - Teddy - Edwards playing trumpet on Ozone by Redlipz
The Ozone Song Chorus